Proud to introduce WASUKA rolled wafer, individually wrapped and made using finest ingredients and garnished with uniquely full and fragrant chocolate filling. It is truly your own sweet indulgence.


Sweet rolled wafer made with passion and love, satisfy your sweet tooth anytime, anywhere!
Premium quality crispy wafer roll filled with delicate flavor cream filling for premium snacking.

Nitchi Tin Chappuccino


My momma always said, life is but a box of CHOKKU…Fantastic chocolate delights, all in a box of Chokku!


Calling all cheesy cheese – cheese lovers! Delicious blend of sweet and creamy cheese cake filling and crispy wafer stick brings back.  It’ll bring back fond memories of YOUR childhood sweetheart.


Treat yourself to Wasuka mini. Delicious crispy wafer rolls and creamy chocolate filling in every single bite.


You asked for it.. You got it!
Crunchy and small wafer made for easy bite.
A good companion for chillax-ing, perfect for light snacking.